This page functions as an oversight of our business partners. First of all: our 'project management dreamteam'. Our professionals of preference when it comes to Fullcare!'s assignments.

Epsilon Management Support

Esther van der Enden is someone with whom a (project-)manager can collaborate with ease. We would like to recommend her for any project where control, structure and support is needed.

C&M Consultancy and training

Johan Rijper is a finance- and training professional with whom we like to reflect and are very happy to involve in projects where a change task is to be fulfilled.

Van de Kaa Consult

Herman van de Kaa knows like no other how to find the essence, denominate and translate it to opportunities. He is also a worthy sparring partner and counsellor for all IPM members, but especially for the project control manager. While doing so, he brings a healthy amount of humour to the workplace, which is an important factor for a good energy!

K.C. Houtenbos Support

Kadiriye Houtenbos – Cinar Is a contentious financial with experience within large infrastructural projects. She is, next to Bart, a financial wizard in the field of dashboards and oversights. Somebody that knows what to do, and how to do it! Proactively, trustworthy and with humour and energy.

Coöperation for Urban Resilience

Bart van Leeuwen is a financial specialist with roots in, and a feeling for common organizations. When Bart is part of your project(-control), a stable financial course is guaranteed.

Fullcare! also prefers to reflect with a selection of agencies if more professionals are needed than are directly available.

IFS Interim & IFS Finance

Jeffry Proost is a broker with a lot of experience with contracting professionals for financial or controlling roles within civil engineering projects. Jeffry is very active on social media and maintains a collaboration portal. We typify him as loyal to his customers and network to which he not only makes promises, but also fulfills them.

IFS has contracted human resources for national, provincial and civic organisations in both the standing organizations and the projects.

Juist Detachering

Arnold van Stade is an enthusiastic supplier of professional commitment to the government, provinces and municipalities with a clear specialization for civil engineering / infrastructural works. a no-nonsense and "What you see is what you get" mentality characterizes this as well as "a deal is a deal"! Arnold is also a pleasant person with whom reflecting soon becomes familiar.

Naturally, Fullcare!'s network is bigger than depicted on this page, Within "our" world, cooperation and "partnering" are inextricably linked to successfully answering the questions customers have ... so we will always continue to look for that cooperation, as I hope and expect that our colleagues will also be able to find Fullcare!